Holy Week and Easter Service Times

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Holy Trinity Old Catholic Church

AEcumenical Catholic Church + USA Faith Community 

117 NE 3rd Avenue - Canby, OR

Welcome home - there's a place here for you too

Finding the "right church" can feel overwhelming.  Catholic, Protestant, or other - we do have choices.  We too were looking, and so may we offer to you what we were looking for and then found at Holy Trinity?
  • Learn how the Bible and being in church can change your life.
  • Know what your faith is about and that it counts for something.
  • Worshiping and receiving the Sacraments in the historical tradition of the undivided Early Church adds some stability to a chaotic and rapidly changing world of fads, gimmicks, and sensationalism. 
  • Feeling safe in a group of people who love God and who truly care for one another is really important.

We are not the same people we used to be, God is slowly changing us for the better.  Are we done yet, no - but we know where we are going, and so we invite you to come along too.  Welcome home, you'll be glad you came.  Blessings on your journey.

Fr. Bruce

St. Benedict said it well,
"Treat every guest as if they were Jesus Christ."

Hence we at Holy Trinity hold true to living in the centrality and supremacy of the love of God and the sacred traditions of the first eight centuries of the undivided Catholic Church.

"That which has been believed everywhere, always, and by all"
(St. Vincent of Lerins, c. 434)

We hope that you will join us to celebrate the Eucharist.  We trust that you will feel welcomed. 

According to the Nicene Creed, AD 325 & 381, all those who have been baptized into Christ are welcome to participate in Holy Communion. 

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Holy Trinity Chapel

Sunday Mass
10 am
No, the Mass is not in Latin, only English, and it is in the modern form
(many ask)

 Wednesday Evenings  
7 pm Stations of the Cross
(During Lent)

7:30 pm Discussion of last
 Sunday's Scripture Verses Homily 
~ Holy Week and Easter Service Times ~
                                              Holy Thursday - April 2 
                                                   7 pm
Evening Mass -

                                              Good Friday - April 3

                                                   3 pm  Stations of the Cross - 
                                                   7 pm Good Friday Evening Service
                                              Holy Saturday - April 4

                                                   8 pm Easter Vigil Mass

                                              Easter Sunday Morning April 5
                                                   10 am Mass

Reconciliation & Healing Rite: 1st Sat. Evening 5 pm
Next Healing Liturgy: May 2 , 2015

Women's Bible Study Discussion: Monday 10 am

Counseling, Reconciliation, and Spiritual Direction
by appointment

Sunday Homilies On Line
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Fr. Bruce Makowski's Homilies


Baptism & the Holy Eucharist
Weddings & Renewals
Premarital Counseling
Marriage & Family Counseling
    Funerals & Memorials

Let us know how we can help you. 
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